This was my first trip to the world famous dirt track with NKP. I had been planning to go the past few season, but this was the first time it worked out. After landing from New Hampshire at 6:40am, I had 23 hours at home before I trekked off of Ohio for some hot, dirty fun.

While the temperature was quite sweltering, we had some nice sunsets Tuesday and Wednesday. I also got to be apart of a very special photoshoot, which I’ll share more details at a later time. I could NOT have done it all without the gentleman and scholar, Mr. Russell LaBounty.

One of Eldora’s culinary specialities is the Pizza Burger. It certainly was something… something.

I left the track at 1am Thursday morning. Time for a quick nap at the hotel, the long drive home, and another fast turnaround for Indy.