“Is there any place you do or don’t want to work this weekend?”

“Yeah, pit road. I don’t want to shoot pit road.”

Sometimes, the best thing for us is to be taken out of our comfort zone. A few races ago at another 1.5 mile track I worked on pit road. It felt very confining. The front stretch seemed awkwardly far away, I constantly felt like I was in the teams way, and I felt incredibly unproductive standing around waiting for a caution or a cycle of green flag stops.

But there’s something that I took for granted in all of this. The crew guys. I love shooting the crew guys. There are more stories to tell visually on pit road than any other part of the track. Variety, action, emotion. You’re going to get far more personality for a photo in any one pit stall than you’ll get from any car on track.

Each person has a story to tell. Sometimes all you have to do is wait for them to tell it.

Thanks to Michael Self, Dalton Sargeant, and NKP!