At 4am Friday morning, I left the house en route to Indianapolis, Indiana (and to pick up my best friend Craig) for the ARCA Racing Series event at Lucas Oil Raceway Park. I’ve always been a huge fan of this historic track. Like many others, I wish NASCAR’s major touring series still visited here, but late models and ARCA cars will do nicely.

It was a great day once we got to the track. A lot of memories came flooding back after seeing all of the friendly faces around the ARCA garage. Even though the day was going well, I was drained. I had been at a race track and away from my family for 7 of 9 days, it was hot, and I was tired.

When folks get tired, they get whiny… or at least I do. I try to have a thankful mindset, but on this day, it just wasn’t really happening. And I’m sorry for that. One friend, we’ll call him “Moose” had some wisdom for me though. I was chatting with Moose about life in general, and I wasn’t painting the prettiest of pictures on how things were going. He reminded me that this racing lifestyle has quite a few positives. It sure as heck beats an office job any day. And while things may be tough and the money may not be great, you’re surrounded by some of the best people you’d ever hope to meet.

Thank you Michael, Dana, Dalton, Van, Craig, Moose, Brett, Mark and everyone else at the track.