I quickly learned that the drivers aren’t exaggerating when they say the surface at Atlanta Motor Speedway is like sandpaper. After the cars (or trucks) would come in for fresh rubber, the first couple of laps back on track could be quite painful. A steady beating of rubber chunks, dirt, and sand would befall anyone standing just outside of the catch fence. This seemed to subside after a few laps, but I swear that there is still sand in some of the dials and crevasses of my gear.

A head sock, balaclava, or, in my case, ski mask is an excellent investment if you plan on shooting from the outside of an old, worn-out racing surface.

That being said, it was a lot of fun seeing the racing lines open up and all of the strategy playing out. Cars sliding around, 3 and 4-wide, pit stops every chance they got; that was racing.