It was another hot one in Madison, IL, just east of St. Louis with Nigel Kinrade Photography and the Camping World Truck Series. This was the third year in a row that I’ve shot this race, and for the third year in a row, rain was a threat all day. But this time, the rain never made it.

In 2015, I came to this track in the hopes of “making contacts” and “getting noticed.” At that race, a bond was formed between me and amazing folks at NEMCO Motorsports. Courtney (NEMCO) was literally the first person I met after walking into the track media center. We chatted and came to an agreement on working together for that race. This was exactly what I was hoping for, “My Big Chance.” I don’t think I’ve ever worked and pushed as hard as I did that day. I took a chance, got lucky, and was blessed to make the most of it.

Which is a lot like the Nemechek’s, and NEMCO Motorsports, themselves. They work hard, push through, and make the most of what they have. It’s inspiring, and I’ll always be thankful for them.

Oh, and I dropped my Canon 5Dmkiii and smashed it. Get insurance kids!