Before Christmas, I received a call about the possibility of working for IMSA for the Rolex 24 Hours at Daytona. I was thrilled. The “24” had been on my bucket-list of races, but I didn’t really expect to get a shot at it in 2017.

When I went to Daytona for this past weekends test, it seemed like starting all over: different cars, different drivers, different series, different writers, different photographers, and a different track essentially with the road course in play. I was already familiar with a few of the photographers there (and by ‘familiar‘ I mean ‘a huge fan-boy of‘). It was awesome getting to talk to and work beside some of my biggest influences in this industry.

During the first WeatherTech practice session, I had my first experience of shooting ON pit lane. Unlike in NASCAR, photographers actually go into the pit stalls while the teams are servicing the cars. I was super timid at first, because I kept looking over my shoulder to see if an official was going to come take my hard-card and kick me out of the track.

Although that giant NASCAR “pack” is impressive to see, when those prototype’s and GT’s hit the big track, it’s incredible! I loved the variety in cars, drivers, weather, time, and scenery. Absolutely can not wait for the race. Thank you Mike Levitt and LAT USA.